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BBA Indoor Facility Covid-19 Safety Measures & Procedures

Player and Coach Safety GuidelinesBradley Baseball Academia logo

  1. All Participants (Coaches/Players, etc) will be required to wear (masks) Face Coverings
  2. All Players and Coaches will be required to sanitize upon entering the facility
  3. All Players and Coaches will be required to do a temperature check upon entering the facility
  4. Players or coaches that do not meet the criteria will NOT be permitted to practice
  5. All Players and Coaches MUST be symptom free to participate
  6. All patrons must bring their own water
  7. All Players and Coaches must adhere to the social distancing practices
  8. All Players and Coaches must complete the Daily BBA Waiver Form – CLICK HERE
  9. All Players and Coaches must complete the BBA Release and Waiver of Liability РClick Here to View 

BBA Facility Health and Safety Guidelines

  1. Number of players and coaches will be limited to 25 percent of the lowest occupancy load on the
    certificate of occupancy.
  2. Hand sanitizing stations will be set up around the facility and at entrances for all patrons to use.
  3. Coaches and instructors must maintain and adhere to social distancing guidelines
  4. Equipment will be sanitized in a timely manor
  5. Signage will be posted around the facility giving information about Covid-19 safety.


*All of these guidelines are in adherence with the current Virginia state Covid-19 regulations and are subject to change if new restrictions are implemented*

Current VA State Covid-19 Guidelines

Additional Literature on Covid-19 Safety For Sports