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Bus Tour Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of going on the Northeast Bus Tour after my sophomore year in high school. It was an amazing experience to be able to see what kinds of colleges and baseball programs are out there, and to pick out what I liked and didn’t like about the colleges we visited. I believe it helped me a lot to eventually make a more informed decision on where I ended up going to play baseball. It was very fun to travel up the coast, playing baseball with my teammates all the way. I made a lot of great memories and had an awesome time!”

-Chip Krese (Stevens Starting SS)


“The Down South Bus Tour was a critical part of my recruiting process. It allowed me to travel to different campuses that I wouldn’t normally see and really feel what it would be like to attend those schools. The personal interaction with coaches allowed me to ask questions and helped me pick the college that would best suit me. The Down South Bus Tour was an amazing opportunity and a great experience for anyone currently navigating through the recruiting process. I would recommend it to people who don’t really know what they want out of their college experience and also to people who think they know, but want to learn more about different kinds of colleges”

-Eric Powell (University of Mary Washington IF)


“The BBA College Bus Tour was a great experience for me. I was able to go on both the Northeast and Down South Bus Tours, which were both awesome experiences. I was able to see a whole bunch of schools which allowed me to have a good understanding of the type of school I would want to attend. I was also able to build relationships with many college coaches that would ultimately help get me to where I am now, playing college baseball. I’d highly recommend anyone to go on the bus tours if they can. The knowledge you will gain from it is so valuable and there are many memories to be made going through this experience with your friends”.

-Jake Treasure (Stevenson LHP)


“I had a super beneficial experience going on the BBA Down South College Bus Tour. I had a great time getting to explore all the different schools with my teammates, while also getting familiar with the various college coaches. It is a great opportunity to talk to coaches which can really help during the recruiting process. It is a great opportunity to talk to coaches and find baseball career advice which can really help during the recruiting process. The tours give you an insight into the college experience with baseball in mind. It is a great way to gain an understanding for what size college you are looking for and what you are looking to get out of college”.

-Evan May (Richard Bland College OF)


“The Northeast Academic Bus Tour was the best thing I did for my recruitment. It allowed me to see many different schools and also introduced me to so many coaches and opportunities. I think it’s a great thing for any high schooler to do if they want to play at the college level.”

-Charlie Bounds ‘23 (RPI Freshman C/OF)


“I participated in the Northeast Bus Tour in 2022 and loved it. The blend of exposure to tons of coaches and the opportunity to step foot on top campuses played a key role in my recruiting process. I constantly found myself thinking back to the bus tour when going through my process, and it helped me visualize myself playing at certain schools when talking to coaches later on in the summer. I’d definitely recommend the Bus Tour to any player looking to showcase themselves in front of great coaches and tour some of the top universities in the country”.

-Coby Gayer (Amherst College RHP ’28)


“The BBA College Bus Tours are a great opportunity to play in front of some of the top college coaches while also having the opportunity to tour numerous college campuses. The BBA College Bus Tours provide you the opportunity to build relationships with college coaches while learning more about the recruiting process. I highly recommend the BBA College Bus Tours to anyone aspiring to be a student-athlete at the next level”.

-Owen Hull ‘23 (George Mason University Freshman 1B)


“The Northeast College Bus Tour with BBA was a great experience and one I would recommend to others. I learned a lot about the college recruiting process and what it takes to play baseball at the next level. The tour gives an insight on things coaches are looking for when they’re recruiting and you see different campus sizes and locations to give you an idea of the type of school you want to attend for both academics and athletics.”

-Nick Griffin ‘23 (Stevenson University Freshman RHP)


The BBA Bus Tour was a great experience for me. Being able to meet with different college coaches and gain insight into their philosophies and programs was extremely helpful. Through the Bus Tour I was able to learn how college coaches go about the recruiting process and what they look for in players. The Bus Tour was also great for seeing what being a college baseball player looks like on both the academic side and baseball side. Overall, the BBA Bus Tour was a huge help in my recruiting process and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

-Colin Souther ‘23 (CCNY Freshman OF)


The BBA Bus Tours were extremely helpful in my recruiting process. First of all, the school I ended up at first saw me on the Bus Tour and I would have never gotten this opportunity without it. There was also a lot of good instruction from the college coaches that I learned from. All the college tours were helpful to me as I realized what I liked and didn’t like with the campuses through the tours. Most importantly, it is a great chance to showcase in front of coaches from many high quality schools.

-Tyler Kim ‘24 (NJIT Commit)