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College Counseling and Recruitment

Tier 1

For those looking to play collegiate baseball

Talent Analysis: What level/schools make the most sense for the players talent level

  • Meeting with families to discuss potential level of play
  • Assessment workout
  • Discuss recruitment strategy/showcase recommendations
  • List of coaches contacts and assistance in establishing contact with coaches
  • Creating an athletic resume

Video production: 3 minute recruitment video created to send to college coaches

  • Production of a 3 minute recruitment video through a player workout

*Also includes all of Tier 2 College Counseling


Tier 2

For those not focused on recruitment, but rather the college admission process only.  Available to
non‐players both male and female

  • Regular (monthly) meetings to discuss student’s college planning process through college selection
  • Reviewing educational records, career assessments, and parent and student questionnaires
  • Working with student to identify the criteria that are most important in their college search
  • Researching, preparing and presenting college list based on those criteria
  • Teaching effective ways to research and learn about colleges
  • Discussing and helping students plan for college testing and test preparation
  • Preparing students to make effective college visits and have successful interviews
  • Helping students to develop a personalized college resume
  • Brainstorming college essays topics with the student and reviewing essay drafts
  • Discussing the financial aid process, scholarships and merit aid
  • Strategic application discussions

* Available for limitless email/phone conversations, potential Skype meetings, and essay edit