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2024 Preseason Camp Information

2024 BBA Preseason Camps

Bradley Baseball Academia will be offering our annual Preseason Skills Camps for players ages 6-18 starting on Wednesday, February 21st. These camps will include our Little League Hitting Camp and Little League Pitching/Defense Camp. These camps will take place at our BBA Indoor Facility and feature our offerings such as HitTrax, Hack Attack Machines, Driveline Hitting & Pitching Tools, Rapsodo, Water Bags, and Clean Fuego!

These programs are focused on helping your children further their development during the winter months in all phases of the game, and our camp offerings will be for 6-weeks. Each camp will meet once per week for 1 hour. If you have any questions regarding these camps, or which might be the best fit for your child, please reach out to Chris Nee ( and he will be more than happy to assist you!

BBA offers sibling discounts for our camps and all BBA Eagles Travel Players receive 40% off camp registration fees.

February/March Winter Skills Camps

Wednesday Baseball Camps
Little League Hitting Camp (5-6 p.m.) [2/21-3/27]
Little League Pitching/Defense Camp (6-7 p.m.) [2/21-3/27]

Saturday Baseball Camps
Little League Hitting Camp (9-10 a.m.) [2/24-3/30]
Little League Pitching/Defense Camp (10-11 a.m.) [2/24-3/30]