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Bradley Eagles Alumni

Best of luck to all of our former Bradley Eagles that are now onto the next phase of their academic and athletic careers. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!

*Denotes BBA Academic Showcase Team Alum

HS Class of 2024

  • *Alex Grehawick, Ursinus College
  • *Ian Blacklin, St. Olaf College
  • *Wally Briganti, Swarthmore College
  • *William Friedman, Trinity College (CT)
  • *Coby Gayer, Amherst College
  • *Grant Greiner, Williams College
  • *Tyler Kim, NJIT
  • *Matt Leonardo, Union College
  • *Ethan Murley, Ithaca College
  • *Adham Sahebzadah, George Washington University
  • *Aidan Stevenson, Trinity College (CT)

HS Class of 2023

  • *Owen Hull, George Mason University
  • *Eric Powell, University of Mary Washington
  • *Chip Krese, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • *Brady Solomon, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • *Palmer Griffin, Roanoke College
  • *Nicholas Griffin, Stevenson University
  • *Jake Treasure, Stevenson University
  • *Jacob O’Quinn, Richard Bland College
  • *Evan May, Richard Bland College
  • *Gunnar Haywood, Richard Bland College
  • *Robbie Johnston, Roanoke College
  • *Colin Souther, The City College of New York
  • *Evan Leese, Bluefield University

HS Class of 2022

  • *Thomas Downs, Case Western Reserve University
  • *Brennan Murley, Macalester College
  • *Jake Stern, Carleton College
  • *Matt Jones, Marymount University
  • *Mathieu Lopez, Erskine College
  • Noah Potholm, Swarthmore College
  • Steven Jungers, Swarthmore College
  • Nicholas Pittman, Morehouse College
  • Henry Hultquist, Davidson College
  • Peter Chiarello, Marymount University

HS Class of 2021

  • *Jake Lynes, Catholic University
  • *Sam Alswang, Central Connecticut State University
  • *Jeremy Jensen, Swarthmore College
  • *Jack Wallis, Haverford College
  • *Jonah Wilkes, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • *Cole Peverall, Catholic University
  • *Xavier Grobbel, The City College of New York
  • *Felix Passman, Oberlin College
  • *Riley Grohowski, Haverford College
  • John Benner, Washington & Lee University
  • Greg Kopp, Hamilton College
  • Gaarison Holran, Rhodes College

HS Class of 2020

HS Class of 2019

  • *Jake Davidson, Kenyon College
  • *Sergei Veres, St. Vincent’s College

HS Class of 2018

HS Class of 2017

HS Class of 2016

HS Class of 2015

HS Class of 2014

HS Class of 2013

HS Class of 2012

HS Class of 2011