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Tryouts will be held multiple times throughout the year for each season and specified age group. Below is our latest update on the dates, times and locations of upcoming tryouts.

BBA Spring/Summer Team Tryouts: Time, Date and Location are TBD
We will be having our annual tryouts for our Spring and Summer BBA teams (13-18U) on a date that is TBD. There will be a Parents Meeting at the beginning of the tryouts to help answer any questions about the tryouts, upcoming season and our organization as a whole. We are looking for players who are looking to join our commitment to excellence here at Bradley Baseball Academia and further develop their skills throughout our program. Also, if you can’t attend the tryouts, then please submit a video of your child hitting, pitching, fielding, etc. This can be a simple 2-3 minute video of them on a field, in a game, or at practice. If you have verified metrics (Rapsodo, Blast Reports, Exit Velo, etc.) then that would also be helpful, but not necessary.We do not need bells and whistles as we are looking for strictly content in the video. You will also need to fill out theĀ 2021 BBA Eagles Team Tryout Registration Form. If you have any issues, please let us know.

For inquiries regarding these tryouts, please reach out to our Senior Associate of Travel Teams, Ben Webster ( and he will be happy to help.


The BBA Front Office