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Indoor Facility General Information

BBA Indoor Facility
11440 Commerce Park Drive LL-1
Reston, VA 20191


Bradley Baseball Academia welcomes you to our Indoor Facility here in Reston, Virginia. We offer a diverse programming schedule for local baseball and softball players from Little League all the way to collegiate athletes. We strive to help provide the best facility for players of all skill levels and look forward to having you in soon!

Little League, Middle School and High School Training

We work throughout the year with softball and baseball players between the ages of 5-18, in order to help them further their skillsets on the diamond. If you have any questions on the programs we offer, please reach out to our VP of Operations, Chris Nee ( for further information.

Registration & Updates

BBA will be using EZFacility for signups and registrations for our new programs. Please CLICK HERE to view our registration website.



BBA Indoor Facility General Safety Rules

BBA Indoor Facility Safety & Liability Waiver


  • No METAL Cleats or Long Turf Cleats (3/4’’ or more even if plastic)
  • No Spitting or Nose Clearing
  • No Food of ANY kind
  • No Gum, Seeds, Peanuts, Candy
  • No Gatorade, sports drinks, sodas,  juices or other beverages
  • No Tobacco Products of Any Kind
  • No Chairs, Sharp Objects, or High Heeled Shoes
  • No Jewelry and No Belts/Clothing with Sharp Edges


  • Facility and cage liability waivers must be signed by participants and where necessary their guardians/ parents prior to use.
  • Participants must wear adequate protective gear appropriate for their sport including batting helmets for both BP pitchers and hitters.
  • Pitchers during live BP must always use a protective pitching screen for safety.
  • For sports besides baseball or softball, use of the cage and protective measures must be approved in advance by BBA Staff
  • Coaches with athletes using the cage must supervise other athletes under their direction that are elsewhere in the facility.
  • Batting practice/swinging of bats must only take place in the cage.