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Indoor Facility Safety Rules



  • No METAL Cleats or Long Turf Cleats (3/4’’ or more even if plastic)
  • No Spitting or Nose Clearing
  • No Food of ANY kind
  • No Gum, Seeds, Peanuts, Candy
  • No Gatorade, sports drinks, sodas,  juices or other beverages
  • No Tobacco Products of Any Kind
  • No Chairs, Sharp Objects, or High Heeled Shoes
  • No Jewelry and No Belts/Clothing with Sharp Edges


  • Facility and cage liability waivers must be signed by participants and where necessary their guardians/ parents prior to use.
  • Participants must wear adequate protective gear appropriate for their sport including batting helmets for both BP pitchers and hitters.
  • Pitchers during live BP must always use a protective pitching screen for safety.
  • For sports besides baseball or softball, use of the cage and protective measures must be approved in advance by BBA Staff
  • Coaches with athletes using the cage must supervise other athletes under their direction that are elsewhere in the facility.
  • Batting practice/swinging of bats must only take place in the cage.