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Mental Training

About CAPE:

CAPE specializes in working with professional and amateur athletes and teams who seek to enhance athletic performance through a focused approach to the mental aspects of sport.  CAPE is a group of Sport Psychology professionals located in Washington D.C.

About Brian Levenson:

Brian Levenson works as a mental coach for the Center for Athletic Performance Enhancement (CAPE).  At CAPE, Brian works with a diverse population of teenage, high school, college, and professional athletes.  Additionally, he works with a number of teams as a mental coach.  Brian obtained his master’s degree in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, completing his thesis on home court advantage in the NBA.  The thesis provided him the opportunity to interview NBA players on the differences between playing at home and on the road.  That experience helped form a foundation for his work with clients on the challenges of transitioning to new environments.  As a coach, Brian believes in working with clients to continue to strengthen their strengths and to turn their weaknesses into strengths.