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Down South College Bus Tour

2021 Down South Bus Tour Info: 
The 2nd Annual BBA Down South College Bus Tour will take place from August 15th – 18th. Any current high school player is permitted to attend and below are some of the photos from past tours, along with important details regarding the 4 day experience.
*Virginia Tech Head Coach John Szefc talking with the players
1) What is the Down South Bus Tour & Showcase?: The Annual BBA Down South Bus Tour is a four day trip, with the top priority of giving every student athlete on the bus a first hand take on the college experience. The trip will include the following:
  • College Recruiting Webinar
  • College List Creation/Assistance
  • 13 Campus Tours(see list below)
    • Led by individuals from the coaching staff, players from the current roster and/or members of the faculty/administration at each of the schools.
  • 2 Showcases: (DC and Richmond locations).
  • 20+ College Coaches Attending Showcases
  • 1,500+ College Coaches will receive each player’s digital report card consisting of video footage, a Rapsodo report, a Blast Motion report, player profile info and more!
List of 8/15-18 College Tours
*Wake Forest University Tour of their Weight Room 
We encourage you to check out more footage from last year’s Down South Bus Tour on our Instagram page:
*VCU Tour of Locker Room 
2) Transportation/Hotels 2021- More info coming soon
  • Route: Northern VA – Roundtrip 
  •  The bus will depart from Catholic University in the afternoon on Sunday August 15th, make several stops at locations throughout the four day trip, and return to John R. Lewis High School in Springfield, VA on the evening of Wednesday August 18th. 
  • Participants need to be at Catholic University at 1 p.m. on Sunday, August 15th for the Showcase and first campus tour.
*University of Richmond Coaches Talking to the Players
3) Tour Guides Players will be guided/chaperoned by Andy Bradley, CEO/Executive Director of BBA and Stan Exeter, Head Coach at Ursinus College.
*JMU Tour
4) Players Only- Parents are asked not to attend this trip as we want to create a true college baseball experience for these four days. One of our top goals is for the student athletes to walk away from this experience with a better understanding of what it truly takes to play college baseball.
*Barton College Coaches talking with our players
5) Registration and Cost Any player interested in joining us on this incredible experience must click here to register and complete the waiver. The total cost of the trip is $1,499 during the Early Bird Registration period. Players also have the ability to attend our DC and Richmond Scout Days if they are unable to attend for the entire trip
There is an option to pay half of the registration fee a the time of checkout, which is non-refundable. You also have the option to pay the full amount at the time of checkout. This price includes all activities, hotels and bus transportation. Players must also bring spending money for 3-4 meals, as most meals are provided by the BBA staff. Bradley Baseball Academia will not issue refunds for our Bus Tours within 90 days of the event.