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Northeast College Bus Tours / Workouts

The 3rd Annual BBA Northeast College Bus Tour from June 16th-21st, 2019 is open for registration! Any current high school player is permitted to attend and below are some of the photos from last year’s tour, along with important details regarding the 6 day experience.
*NYC view from across the Hudson River at Stevens
1) What is the Northeast Bus Tour?: The 3rd Annual BBA Northeast Bus Tour is a six day trip, with the top priority of giving every student athlete on the bus a first hand take on the college experience. The trip will run from the morning of Sunday June 16th and conclude on the morning of Friday June 21st. It will include the following:
-4 Pro Style Workouts in front of dozens of college coaches
-Co-Hosted/Chaperoned by Ursinus Head Coach, Stevenson University Head Coach and BBA CEO/Executive Director
    -Multiple ‘Skull Sessions’ on aspects of the game, recruiting and more throughout the trip.
-College Recruiting Seminar w/ former COO of Headfirst, Joey Graziano
-Daily Common App/Essay Prep w/ College Counselor w/ AcceptU expert, Jamie Moynihan
   -Your son’s rough draft essay for the Common App will be completed prior to the 21st
-College Recruiting Seminar
-College List Creation/Assistance
   -Individual meetings with every student athlete on the bus, in which they will be assisted in creating a personalized list of target schools from around the country.
-22 Campus Tours(see list below)
   -Led by individuals from the coaching staff, players from the current roster and/or members of the faculty/administration at each of the schools.
2) Transportation/Hotels- A bus will depart from Catholic University in the early morning on Sunday, June 16th. All bus transportation is included in the registration fee and will transport all of our student athletes for the duration of the trip. All hotels for players between Sunday night through Friday morning are also included in the registration fee. On Friday, parents will have the following three rendezvous point options to pick their sons up:
1) Allentown, PA(early morning)
2) Gettysburg, PA(late morning/early afternoon)
3) Washington, DC(late afternoon/early evening)
*13 college coaches at the Ursinus workout
3) Tour Guides Players will be guided/chaperoned by Andy Bradley, CEO/Executive Director of BBA, Stan Exeter, Head Coach at Ursinus College, and Dave Gage, Head Coach at Stevenson University. This will be the third summer that Stan and Andy have guided this tour and we are excited to add Coach Gage to the crew.
*Haverford Head Coach, Dave Beccaria, meeting with our student athletes
4) Players Only- Parents are asked not to attend this trip as we want to create a true college baseball experience for these six days. One of our top goals is for the student athletes to walk away from this experience with a better understanding of what it truly takes to play college baseball.
*Swarthmore players discussing their 2018 College World Series run
5) Registration and Cost Any player interested in joining us on this incredible experience must click here to register and complete the waiver. The total cost of the trip is $1,895
There is an option to pay half of the registration fee a the time of checkout, which is non-refundable. You also have the option to pay the full amount at the time of checkout. This price includes all activities, hotels and bus transportation. Players must also bring spending money for food(approximately 13-15 meals.)
*Columbia Tour