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Below are multiple links to websites and tips that can help give athletes a better understanding on the kind of nutrition athletes should focus on. We also include an example meal plan that players can use to help them come up with their own kind of meal plan based off of what they need. If you have any questions about nutrition please contact a BBA Front Office Staff member and we will be more than happy to help.

Nutrition Tips and Articles

Examples of Meal Plans:


  • All Athletes will have different meal plans that work best for them
    • Learn what kind of meal plan would work best for you
      • How much to eat
      • Macronutrients
    • Carbs are important to give the body energy
    • Proteins are important for muscle recovery and to build muscle
    • It is important to eat especially when going through a rigorous lifting plan but be conscious of the kinds of foods you eat
    • Sleep is very important in order for your body to build muscle and recover
      • Approximately 9 hours is the recommended sleep for adolescents
    • Hydration is key, constantly drink water throughout the day