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A Note From Our Director


At BBA, we are focused on capitalizing on our players’s passion for the game of baseball to inspire more confident and character driven players who will find and follow their passions wherever they may take them. We believe that baseball is the perfect platform and teacher for this journey – a guide to help our student-athletes build the toolkit of skills that will lead to their happiness and success on and off the field. Baseball, a game predicated on failure – where we all stare down 0-4 on a daily basis – challenges its players to bounce back from inevitable failures and setbacks stronger than ever. At BBA, we teach our players to embrace failure as the fuel for their greatness, to never quit in a valley, and to know that tomorrow can always be better than today because together we will put in the work to make it so.

Our constant focus is to provide our student athletes a truly holistic experience while being a member of the BBA family. The time spent on developing their baseball skills is only a percentage of what our players get out of their BBA tenure. We emphasize the importance of doing well in the classroom, because at some point, all of our players will be asked to take the jersey off for a final time and we rarely know when that time will be. It’s a harsh reality, but one that we must be prepared for.

I look back at the path during my career, both on and off the diamond, and use these experiences as a guide for our players. As a student, I could have worked harder and as an athlete, I could have chosen better. As a college recruit in high school, I should have thought more about the proper fit rather than the name recognition of a university. There are so many factors that go into the college decision and we want to get as much information to our student athletes and their parents as possible. Some of these platforms include our college campus bus tours and workouts, monthly webinars with guest speakers, recruiting seminars and ongoing discussions with our families pertaining to their specific path and process.

We often tell our players that we learn more from our mistakes than from our triumphs. Our staff uses moments from our careers, both on the diamond and in the classroom, to help our student athletes avoid major land mines during their journey.

Welcome to Bradley Baseball Academia. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.

Warmest Regards,

Andy Bradley, CEO