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Summer Game Plan Email 2

Good Evening BBA Families,

Per my Sunday night email, below are the most up to date details as it pertains to the summer season. Our next email will be sent to you tomorrow with a google sign-up sheet for June 12th-21st optional skills trainings, as well as a BBA Docusign Waiver form. This BBA Docusign Waiver form will have the details and protocols for players and coaches to follow for practices and games. Other emails will be coming your way from NVTBL, Sportsengine and our BBA front office staff. To learn more about NVTBL’s COVID-19 Return to Play Protocol, please CLICK HERE.
You will also be receiving team specific emails this week and next week as it relates to your family’s team schedule. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up to ensure we are all squared away for the upcoming summer season, so we appreciate everyone’s adherence to these time sensitive tasks. Let’s continue to work together to ensure a great couple of months of baseball!
Below are the dates, hours and current details for the June 12th-21st optional Skills Training Sessions. The exact locations will be released once the league has more info on the permits. These optional skills trainings will be updated on our BBA website by the end of the week, but please keep this email for your records. A gentle reminder that these skills trainings are not mandatory and players can come to as few or as many as they would prefer. We ask that they wear a shirt with their last name on the back to help our coaching staff members get to know them better. If they don’t have a shirt with a last name on it, then they can write their name on duct tape and place it on their back. No matter the age group, when the players arrive, they will be broken up appropriately. Players are permitted to attend a maximum of one skills training per day.
Location Daily Option 1 Daily Option 2 Daily Option 3 Daily Option 4
NW DC Location Fri 6/12 from 9-11am Fri 6/12 from 1115-115pm Fri 6/12 from 145-345pm Fri 6/12 from 4-6pm
McLean Location Sat 6/13 from 9-11am Sat 6/13 from 1115-115pm Sat 6/13 from 145-345pm
McLean Location Sun 6/14 from 9-11am Sun 6/14 from 1115-115pm Sun 6/14 from 145-345pm
NW DC Location Mon 6/15 from 9-11am Mon 6/15 from 1-130pm; Zoom In Home PA Workout Mon 6/15 from 145-345pm Mon 6/15 from 4-6pm
McLean Location Tue 6/16 from 9-11am Tue 6/16 from 1115-115pm Tue 6/16 from 145-345pm Tue 6/16 from 4-6pm
McLean Location Wed 6/17 from 9-11am Wed 6/17 from 1115-115pm Wed 6/17 from 145-345pm Wed 6/17 from 4-6pm
NW DC Location Fri 6/19 from 9-11am Fri 6/19 from 1-130pm; Zoom In Home PA Workout Fri 6/19 from 145-345pm Fri 6/19 from 4-6pm
McLean Location Sat 6/20 from 9-11am Sat 6/20 from 1115-115pm Sat 6/20 from 145-345pm
McLean Location Sun 6/21 from 9-11am Sun 6/21 from 1115-115pm Sun 6/21 from 145-345pm
A google doc will be sent to each of you tomorrow to sign up for any of these Skills Trainings. We just wanted you to know the options for each day between the 12th-21st.
If you have any issues, then please be sure to reach out to Dan( or me via email. We are excited to have you aboard this summer!
Andy Bradley
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